Introducing the NEW Phase One XF Camera System

Phase One Unveils the Future of High-End Photography

The NEW Phase One XF camera system is designed around a new modular camera body, taking medium format camera systems into the next decade.

The XF Camera System is a fundamental re-design of all core elements in a modern camera system, including lenses, imaging sensors, mechanics, electronics, autofocus system, software and controls.

  • New Autofocus Platform
  • New Flexible One Touch User Interface (UI)
  • New IQ3 digital backs
  • New Lenses ready for 100MP and beyond
  • New Modular Viewfinders

READ THE PRESS RELEASE & Find out more …


P1_NEWLENSES copyTwo NEW Phase One Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses – 120mm and 35mm, are both designed to resolve beyond 100MP.

They enter Phase One’s range of 20 high-resolution medium format optics, including a dedicated Leaf Shutter range, a Focal Plane range, specialty and zooms.

CONTACT L&P for more information and when you can see it for yourself.

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