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Become a Phase One Certified Professional

POCP training is an advanced seminar program educating Phase One Users and Photo Assistants in the handling of Phase One Digital Camera Backs and Capture One Software.

This is a once only event for 2016 and numbers are limited.


Training seminars will include a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice. You will have the opportunity to use the IQ Series camera systems featuring the NEW Phase One XF Camera with a Schneider LS lens.

This will give you the training and skills to confidently work with the Phase One camera system and Capture One software on the most demanding of jobs. Taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience on-set.

2 day training from efficient on-set workflow to troubleshooting to camera setup and operation. At the end of two days it culminates with a written test.

• Technology inside the Phase One IQ series digital backs
• Phase One XF camera system and lenses
• Recommended usage and capabilities
• Troubleshooting

• Usage with Phase One digital backs, troubleshooting, and Canon/Nikon tethering

• Recommended setups, troubleshooting and maintenance

• Efficient workflow in Capture One Pro 9, advanced tools, and troubleshooting.

SYDNEY | August 9 – 10
Proudly brought to you by L&P

VENUE: L&P 96 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSW

COST: $660 
Includes a Capture One Pro 9 License Key, access to the online Pre-course, and all materials at the training.
Places are filling fast so Register now so you will not be disappointed.
CONTACT:  P: 02 9906 2733  Email


“Hang on” for Sharp Photos with Varina Patel

Well respected as photographic educators, Varina and Jay have recently branched out
into creating a series of workshop-style lessons on video. Now viewers can follow the Patels on-location, witness their techniques and get an insider’s look at the decision-making process that drives their creative choices in a variety of shooting situations.

Travel to New Zealand in the latest installment, Behind the Lens, where you’ll learn how to approach a scene and how to navigate the range of options available to you in order to produce a finished image that matches your artistic vision. Indoor Tripods are distributed in Australia by L&P, see for more details

On To Light Shaping: Sal Cincotta At the Great Wall with Some Great Lights

The On to Light Shaping series consists of 18 videos featuring 18 renowned wedding and portrait photographers. Each one has tried the new Profoto Off-Camera Flash system. Each one has shot some stunning images with it.

In wedding and portrait photographer Sal Cincotta’s case, he brought a B2 Off-Camera Flash and an OCF Softbox 2’ Octa with him to nothing less than the Great Wall of China.

Because of its far away location, the logistics of capturing this image were not the easiest. And one thing he’s learned over the years is that he doesn’t need big lights – he needs power. “The B2 Heads are about the same weight and mass as my speedlights, but they output 4 to 5-times the light,” he says. “Speedlights put out maybe 50 or 60ws of light. The B2 Heads output 250ws!”

See more of Sal’s work:

Excellent Portrait Tutorial

Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Once a month, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot to share some of the knowledge he has gained over the years. This time he brings strip softboxes to a murky hangar to shoot an elegant yet dramatic portrait of an old friend.